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Top 5 Tips for Caring for Wavy Curly Hair

Wavy hair (Type 2) is when your hair strands have a loose curl or s-pattern. The major issue we must battle with wavy hair is moisture. The curlier your hair, the harder for your sebum to travel down your strands. Therefore, curly/wavy hair tends to be drier. Read on to find out our top 10 tips for caring for wavy curly hair.


1.) Use a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo.

Because wavy hair tends to be drier, you want to pack in as much moisture as possible. The drier your hair, the frizzier the hair so maintaining moisture is key to keeping your wavy hair clumped together and ultra defined. Different Textures® offer an amazing moisturizing co-wash that would work great for cleansing your wavy delicate strands.

Let’s talk about how you shampoo your hair. Wavy hair tangles easily because the curls entangle themselves, so its best to allow the shower water to run down on your hair. apply the shampoo to your roots and allow the later to run down your strands. Always keep your hair in the downwards position. (From top of head going towards shoulders) Keeping your hair in the same direction eliminates the chance of tangling. Also before you wet your hair, you should finger detangle your hair to get rid of any snares or knots that would only get worse once wet.

You want to use a conditioner that has weight to it and also lots of slip which will help weigh your curls down to allow for proper and quick detangling. Our Tahitian Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner is amazing for wavy and curly hair. Check it out here.


2.) Ain’t no party like a mousse party!


Take this with a grain of salt. Wavy hair is wavy hair, but some individuals have thicker strands versus others. If your wavy strands are thin in density, then a mousse will be excellent for you. If you have thick wavy hair, then a texturizer or curling hair gel will work wonders on your strands! The thickness of the hair gel allows for extra elongation too.


3.) To dry or not to dry?

While we usually opt for air drying your hair, curlier hair tends to take longer to dry. Therefore, we recommend the following: GENTLY blot your hair dry with a t-shirt. Apply your styler and then diffuse your curls. When diffusing, you want to scrunch your hair (as if cupping your curls within the palm of your hand). This will help to set your waves in there pattern and the styling aid you choose will help to keep them in that formation as well. As always, opt for an all natural mouse or styling aid if possible. Our 2-in-1 Cream to Oil Moisture-Sealing Butter works wonders on wavy hair, preventing frizziness and proving moisture. Check it out here.



4.) Keep your hands to yourself.

So now you’ve washed, conditioned and even styled your hair and darlin’ your’e looking FLAWLESS. Well, to keep those curls on fleek, you must not touch your hair. Every time you run your fingers through your luscious waves, you’re causing friction between the curls, leading to frizz and tangles. We know its hard because sometimes our hair looks so good we just can’t help ourselves, but trust us, it’s not worth it. Fight the urge and you’ll have frizzless hair all day long 🙂


5.) Satin is the way to go.


We know, we know. Our grannies wear them but hey, Grandma knows what she’s doing! Wrapping your hair in a satin bonnet not only preserves your curls over night but also helps to keep your hair moisturized. You can grab one from a local beauty supply, online or even at a local Walmart.


We hope that this article taught you how to care for your delicate wavy strands. Check out our shop for amazing products tailored for you!









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