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Damaged Hair? Dry Hair? Slow growth?

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Our Praises

I get compliments everyday!

Three years ago I started using your hair products and I have been able to without a perm because of it! No breakage. Healthy shiny hair. Get compliments daily on how great my hair looks! Before using your hair products, my hair had broken off. Once I started using your hair butter, my hair sopped breaking and begin growing. Now I use your cleansing cream, conditioner, oil and butter and my hair is so curly, shiny, healthy and is really growing!

Tasha Smith - Health Unit Coordinator

I think I'm in love with your products!

I wanted to do this co-wash a couple of times before I got back to you to let you know how it's going for me. Washing my hair with this is totally different than anything Ive used before. My hair definitely feels different during the wash process. I'm realizing I'm really cleaning and conditioning my scalp. When my hair dries, it is so soft and really well conditioned without feeling oily at all! My scalp feels clean, and healthy and still-no massive hair loss I usually get this time of year!!!! I think I'm in love with your products!

Karen McCulloch - Owner of KMA Jewelry

Awesome Products

"I met you last week at the Whitewater Market and bought some of your Hair Growth Oil and you gave me samples of their Co-Wash and Conditioner. I love all of it. I love the smell. I love the way my hair feels. I love the oil! (Customer later purchased the co-wash, hair oil and conditioner)

Dianne Butt

My hair laughed at the humidity!

I feel like the curls are kept intact and shiny and far more manageable. I washed my hair Friday night, put the butter on as you suggested. I had a show on Saturday and it was rainy and humid but my hair just laughed at the humidity! Same thing with yesterday it was a humid day but my hair held up great! I thought you'd be interested in hearing my comments... And how much I love your product!!

Karen McCulloch - Owner of KMA Jewelry

Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Butter

Good morning and happy Sunday! Here’s my honest feedback on everything: -Site was clear, professional, easy to order -Package arrived quickly and well-protected. The note was an extra sweet touch! -Packaging is elegant, professional, and informative. -Love the quality of the conditioner and shampoo. My hair came out super soft and manageable. It was the first time I didn’t lose globs of hair in the shower! Also, the butter is good for your skin. My hair is long and curly but thin so it was too heavy for my hair. However, I do like it for my skin. I will definitely be re-ordering the conditioner!

Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo - Teacher & Hand-Crafter

Meet Our Founder

Team Member Photo of Gladys Higgins Creator and Founder of Different Textures

Gladys Higgins

Founder & President

I want women to feel safe about what they are placing on their skin and hair. I believe everyone deserves to have health and beauty.

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